Bumps, Bruises and Setbacks: How Adults Can Benefit and Thrive During Long Seasons of Challenge

This presentation designed for adults takes a deeper dive into the lessons students will learn from the Bumps and Bruises Assembly. Teachers will learn how to stay motivated when it seems there's no impact being made and how to connect and enhance a students classroom experience. Drawn from feedback from hundreds of students that have shared with David about their school experience, this seminar will help motivate teachers and staff and allow them to realize the long-term and valuable difference they are making in students live.

Key Takeaways:

- How to "increase the value of special" with a student

- The value of forgetting a child's past mistakes and starting fresh

- Social Media do's and do nots for educators

- How to thrive during the final quarter of the year

- Understanding and appreciating the value and impact they bring to students, other teachers, and the community

Promoting School Initiatives with the Power of Social Media

This presentation will talk with teachers about the power of social media and how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn to promote school initiatives.

During this event, staff will learn about the value of identifying local “influencers” who may be willing to partner with the school by retweeting or reposting to their local business social media accounts. Teachers will learn about the power and flexibility of social media advertising and also how to identify student influencers who may be willing to use their online communities to help increase exposure of your latest school events.

Other topics will include using Twitters Search Tools to monitor buzz about your school, partnering with graduates to use their social media to partner with your school and talk about their new college experience with students, and how to grow a larger personal brand as a teacher on social media.

Owning Your Success While Designing Your Path

This session is designed to help attendees think about the path they are designing for their life and their career. During this seminar, I will cover how to keep a positive attitude during difficult times, and how to continue caring even when it seems like the ones we care for don't reciprocate that feeling, and the value of patience when pursuing your path.

This message is designed to equip attendees to feel empowered and motivated to continue doing good works even when it may feel like no one is noticing.

Key Takeaways:

- How to set goals in a realistic and achievable way

- How to design a personal brand platform on social media

- The value of the “humblebrag” and why it’s okay to feel good about doing good

- The dangers of losing focus by focusing on too many projects and tasks

- How to find, engage with, and benefit from a mentor